Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Giant Awakes!

Ha ha! Not that anyone will check this, but I figure it will be a good record for us. We have arrived in the land of the midnight sun - at last! We started on Sunday, but returned to Grammy and Gramps after a day of waiting and not catching a flight. On Monday, we started again. After a few hours, I finally decided to take a chance. A quick flight to Boise, an overnight followed by half a day in the home of the Broncos and half a day in SEATAC and we arrived!
The benefit of arriving at midnight in Fairbanks is that you can see the scenery. Yes, it's weird, but fun. There is water and trees everywhere. It is gray - not my favorite color - but we will take a walk and go exploring while Matt and Mark do a couple quick runs.
Stay tuned for more. We'll at least have some adventures to share (like a full day of size 3 diapers on a size 5 and 6 kids :))

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