Monday, November 11, 2013


Life is full of adjustments I suppose, but I wish that just for a little while, we could be without any necessary adjustments. Is it too much to ask that we would have some stability in our family life? After all, we've just moved 7 hours from "home." Nope! Not to be. So we continue to ride this bucking bronco called life and hope our children are not to damaged from the ride.

Friday, February 01, 2013

A New Chapter

I am acutely aware today of the gift that prayer and spiritual discipline is in my life. Please don't construe that to mean that I am by any means consistent or good at it, but I have the skills and knowledge that challenge me to engage with God on a level of communication. Like everything in my life, my spiritual journey is marked by different seasons and different practices. The one thing I can always count on is my opportunity to pray. I am confident that I know how to do this one thing whether it feels amazing or not. This week, I was trying to figure out how to share that gift with my students. Students who I am aware, face increasingly large challenges with incredible noise shouting unhelpful solutions at them. Prayer, a moment of quiet, would seem helpful. But the reality is most of us are afraid of quiet or lack of sound. We are so afraid that we actively try to fill any gaps with sound. I am so afraid of the silence that I keep talking even when I'm praying. I think I'm afraid of hearing something I don't want to be held accountable for. So, this week as I was praying for worship in one of my classes, I recognized that my blood-pressure rising as I heard my students being distracted. "Practice what you preach," I heard my conscience say. I asked for patience and rested in the silence for a few seconds. I'm not sure what I expected to happen . . .but I was pleasantly surprised to recognize the wave of peace and confidence and LOVE that filled that silent space. Those gifts allowed me to continue teaching the class without animosity or frustration. I am reminded that all the knowledge in the world cannot be a substitute for the experience of faith. It can challenge you to put it into practice, or be a tool in your back pocket waiting for an emergency, or a gift that grows as you put into "practice what you preach."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Bible School

A new experience for us. VBS at a church that is not our own home church. It is not even our own family of churches. The kiddos are having a great time and learning much. I am reminded once again how important this week is in the spiritual lives of my children and the awesome opportunity for them to learn about God in a way that reaches their particular learning style.
We are so blessed!
Today they created felted soap. Think soap and washcloth in one! So totally cool.

In other news, we took a trip to the University of Alaska at Fairbanks to see the campus and the Museum. It was awesome - a little bit of history, art, and nature. This included a movie about the Northern Lights that was just spectacular.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I suppose everybody's definition of pioneers may be different. Our experience today introduced us to pioneers of Alaska: Natives, sledders, and settlers. So awesome! We even got to tour a paddleboat and the highlight of the day was when Baby Boy got to "drive" the paddleboat.
The "low" was wanting to ride on the Gold Rush era steam train, but the mama didn't have cash, so we'll have to keep this on our list.
Still in awe of the playgrounds!

4th in Alaska

It's the 4th in Alaska. Fireworks at midnight???
We've had fun including a traditional dinner despite the rain. I'm quite proud of myself for providing a meal for my family that included veggie hotdogs while not in my home town.
Other strange things I've noticed:
Odd combinations at restaurants - Chinese, Thai, and Sushi at one, Mexican, Italian, and Sushi at the other.
However, there are great things around here even besides the stunning scenery.
1. People are helpful.
2. Drivers are considerate.
3. Playgrounds are awesome! Even the indoor playgrounds.
4. The Salmon is sensational.
5. Are you ready - - - The shopping is great! While there is a major lack of shops, those that there are have incredible selection (at least in Fairbanks). The cool thing is the emphasis on being eco friendly and natural/organic.
Looking forward to exploring tomorrow.

Sunday, July 03, 2011


Even the tap water is cold!
When tourists more than double your wait in the grocery store, you must really work hard to remember they are a big part of the reason for your survival and not just a nuisance.
Everything may be bigger a better in Texas, but that's only because Alaskans aren't as vocal. Space has a different meaning around here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Giant Awakes!

Ha ha! Not that anyone will check this, but I figure it will be a good record for us. We have arrived in the land of the midnight sun - at last! We started on Sunday, but returned to Grammy and Gramps after a day of waiting and not catching a flight. On Monday, we started again. After a few hours, I finally decided to take a chance. A quick flight to Boise, an overnight followed by half a day in the home of the Broncos and half a day in SEATAC and we arrived!
The benefit of arriving at midnight in Fairbanks is that you can see the scenery. Yes, it's weird, but fun. There is water and trees everywhere. It is gray - not my favorite color - but we will take a walk and go exploring while Matt and Mark do a couple quick runs.
Stay tuned for more. We'll at least have some adventures to share (like a full day of size 3 diapers on a size 5 and 6 kids :))

Monday, December 07, 2009

It's raining . . .

It's raining (read dreary) and a "freezing" 50 degrees outside. We're house-bound and have only the prospect of Homework Club on the horizon. My friend is thousands of miles away and it seems my other friends are busy, busy with their own lives. Not that I blame them, it's just lonely.
A week from today, my Aussie relatives arrive and then it will be whirlwind once more. We're excited and apprehensive. Have a happy grey Monday, all!