Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th in Alaska

It's the 4th in Alaska. Fireworks at midnight???
We've had fun including a traditional dinner despite the rain. I'm quite proud of myself for providing a meal for my family that included veggie hotdogs while not in my home town.
Other strange things I've noticed:
Odd combinations at restaurants - Chinese, Thai, and Sushi at one, Mexican, Italian, and Sushi at the other.
However, there are great things around here even besides the stunning scenery.
1. People are helpful.
2. Drivers are considerate.
3. Playgrounds are awesome! Even the indoor playgrounds.
4. The Salmon is sensational.
5. Are you ready - - - The shopping is great! While there is a major lack of shops, those that there are have incredible selection (at least in Fairbanks). The cool thing is the emphasis on being eco friendly and natural/organic.
Looking forward to exploring tomorrow.

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